Net Promoter Score℠ (NPS®)
Capture, measure and scale up customer satisfaction levels

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it. - Peter Drucker

You would never know if you are successful or not, unless success itself is defined and tracked. This also means, there has to be a clearly established metric for measuring success and also a means to quantify progress so that you can fine tune the process to produce the desired outcome.

"Success cannot be based on guesswork". As a business leader, what you need is access to actionable feedback available right at the moment you need it, in an easy and almost automatic way.

NPS is a score of the overall perception of your brand, product, feature or a service. It is a leading and powerful indicator of success of your employee, supplier or customer experience management initiatives.

Indonis Smart Tools offers a real-time feedback loop with your employees, partners and customers to ensure that your product and service is on the right track by measuring NPS® as a key metric and thereby taking the right decisions to consistently grow it.

Get Started
3 Quick Steps Towards Measuring Experience

Indonis Smart Tools NPS Campaign

NPS Survey

Create effective NPS surveys that are point focused on the experience that you wish to track and measure and capture valuable suggestions and feedback along the way.

Indonis Smart Tools NPS Survey

NPS Campaigns

Create and publish NPS Campaigns around the focused survey to internal and external users and capture feedback both within or outside the Indonis Apps.

Indonis Smart Tools NPS Survey

NPS Dashboard

Track the NPS score on a single dashboard for each campaign, view each survey response in detail. Leverage deep insights and analytics to drive innovation.