Are we innovating fast enough?

Without innovation, businesses risk being disrupted not in years but months.

The most important building block for any high-performing organization is it's highly empowered workforce which is digitally connected across the three key dimensions of culture, information and mobility of skills.

While the rules of how an organization should operate are being re-written, thanks to the rapid digitalization of the markets and the consumers within them. Today's organization has to designed for speed, agility and adaptability a change from the age-old focus on efficiency and effectiveness.

Thus, the hierarchical structure no longer appears to be suitable for the job of building the organization of the future. Instead, a more flexible, team-centric and innovation-driven structure is required to align towards the goal of speed, agility and adaptability.

The key principles on which great teams of these "designed for the future" organizations are;

Culture built on shared values

Transparent goals and project-centric alignment

Open to feedback and information free flow

People rewarded for skills and abilities (not position)

Indonis enables organizations to not just connect people into a single digital network, but it also empowers them all to collaborate and crowd source smart, innovative ideas and drive sustainable innovation.

The fundamental question before every Top Management leader within an organization is "Are we innovating fast enough?". The reason being, innovation is that single-most key differentiator that would ensure a sustainable market leadership for the organization, its suppliers and customers.

Top-down and Bottom-up Innovation

There are two ways to approach innovation, a bottom-to-top way that is built around engagement of the bottom floor, last mile workforce as well as the suppliers and customers to drive small, incremental and sustainable changes i.e. follow the Kaizen approach towards Continuous Improvements (CI).

The other way is where the top management, having identified key strategic innovation areas, invest into implementation of relatively complex and big size, often disruptive changes i.e. innovation projects, put into action initiatives to implement long lasting and major changes that have relatively larger impact on the organization, its employees, customers as well as suppliers.

Top down and bottom up innovation

Indonis Smart Ideas helps define, implement, track and measure both the above types of innovation. It enables bottom floor employees to share creative ideas, problems or suggestions that get reviewed and enriched at the local innovation committee level and when found valuable are promoted higher up in the organization for standardization in the form of idea projects, to be deployed across other locations.

In the entire process, smart ideas and smart people are rewarded and overall the spirit of innovation is celebrated across the organization.