Are we closer to our Zero Defect goal?

Customers love zero defect products, are we building enough of such products.

Zero Defects is a management tool aimed at reduction of defects through prevention. It hinges on developing a relentless conscious desire amongst teams to do their job right the first time.

The focus in this approach is on the culture that drives home the fact that Quality is everyone's responsibility and that everyone must be actively engaged and responsible for the work they do.

Here are the four absolutes of Quality Management

The definition of quality is conformance to requirements

The system of quality is prevention

The performance standard is Zero Defects

The measurement of quality is the price of non-conformance

Indonis brings together the entire organization on a single digital platform, enabling a high degree of collaboration towards co-creation of innovative products and share learnings, discuss creative solution to problems and thereby plays a greater role in driving a Zero Defect culture.