Smart Work
Schedule and manage work in a smart way

CREATE digital work instructions, schedule and share work schedules instantly with last mile teams, track work progress in real time, eliminate paper trails.

Each operator at the shop floor can view the work schedule one week at a glance and follow the online digital instructions that include photos and detailed descriptions of tasks.

At the end of the task or the day, each operator can mark the instructions completed or in progress and also enter the time / effort spent on each. This helps the planning and production supervisor team to know the progress made on each product or set of products at any given point in time, in a fair and accurate way.

There are a dozen key MIS reports that help to get a deep insight into the productivity, efficiency and the work progress of each shop floor and operator. This also helps to get an accurate and realistic update to the end customers on the delivery dates of the products being manufactured.

Digital work instructions or assembly instructions can be easily designed for each type of product and versions maintained in a single repository. Using those digital work instructions, work can be scheduled for as big and complex products as steam boilers to as small and simpler products as pressure valves.

Indonis Smart Work empowers organisations to eliminate paper, email and excel trails around work scheduling, allocation and reporting thereby achieving 100% visibility across all shop floor activities and gain valuable man-machine productivity insights.