Drive idea campaigns, idea challenges and crowd source innovation

If you don't innovate and adapt, your competitors will. Wouldn't it be great to get your smart people to share smart ideas?

Use Indonis to capture bright, smart and innovative ideas from distributed teams, convert best ideas into idea projects and track their implementation, drive idea campaigns for quicker and wider outreach, reward your star innovators. Help your people to innovate faster.

Smart Ideas is a SaaS software, designed for teams of any sizes to collaborate any-time, any-where and using any-device. With it's highly robust and flexible workflow for crowdsourcing ideas, reviewing as well as rewarding the best ideas in a clear, visible and sustainable way, it empowers your shop floors and top floors to drive continuous improvements across the entire organization.

Last mile and bottom floor workforce users can share ideas and solutions to routine problems using their mobile devices or kiosks and computers, virtually from anywhere (either at their shop floor work station or while on office commute), creating a tremendous opportunity to engage with them and support them in building great products and services.

Get Started
3 Quick Steps Towards Top-Down Innovation

Smart Ideas Key Innovation Strategies

Strategic Innovation Areas

Drive top-down strategic innovation through well defined areas that form the core foundation of the organization's innovation initiatives.

Smart ideas Idea Campaign

Idea Campaigns

Idea Campaigns empower management to implement focused programs to scale up engagement across entire organization.

Smart Ideas Idea Challenges

Idea Challenges

Idea Challenges enable crowd sourcing of ideas and solutions as well as involve the entire user community in socially engaging to pick the best ideas through open comments and voting process.

Smart Ideas Workflow
A powerful workflow to capture, review and implement ideas

All the key stake-holders (suggestion committee members, committee head and the suggestion box owners) are informed in near real-time through push, email and SMS notifications on the progress of each idea through the work-flow.

Each idea while being submitted from the mobile device can be enriched by uploading before and after photos, attaching detailed documents (where necessary). Each idea can be linked to one or more improvement categories, mapped to any specific product (resource) of the organization as well as dropped into a virtual suggestion box. Deep insights and various analytics provide a multi-dimensional view of the effectiveness of the idea program through reports and charts.