Smart Desk
A smart way to manage issues and support requests

MANAGE defects, complaints and support request work flows more effectively and efficiently by allocating right support engineers to work on right issues at right time at the right priority.

Manage support requests and issues faster than ever before, get the right people to communicate in real time and work on the right issues at the right time. Every organization has a great amount of infrastructure that needs to be maintained in ideal condition for the successful functioning of the business.

Smart Desk empowers the facility management team to receive real-time data on the support requests or issues reported by the shop floor operators or generally anyone in the organization. Since the entire work-flow is designed for mobile to mobile transition, there is literally no need for any support engineer to visit a fixed PC or laptop to view the details.

All the support request information is entirely and instantly available on the mobile phone. Supervisors can allocate SR's for review to support engineers which in turn receive push, sms and email notifications when allocations are done.

Support engineers complete their tasks, upload the before and after photos of work done and submit their estimates and actual effort / costs along with work summary and time sheet.

Management dashboards plot the real time progress on the tasks and help decision making. Assets against which support requests are logged can be assigned bar-codes or RFID tags for identification and location mapping to help support engineers locate them quickly and save time.