Smart ideas, that your employees could share to help the business grow

Published by Sushil Shirke on

Well, I wonder sometimes, if God were to create this world & specially we the humans, what kind of team and organisation structure did he / she have?

Would there be different departments and did all the people really get along together really well? And above all, was it all digitalised, did they use any kind of systems, where those successful?

There’s no way we could get answers to any of these questions, I certainly don’t think so.

But switching back to reality, we have all managed to create complex organisations and structures and made it even harder for people to do simple jobs and above all taken away the single most powerful thing that they possess – the ability to think creatively and collaborate to solve complex problems.

There are a million ways, employees could contribute beyond their normal “job description” – only if someone really believes them and willing to listen to their creative ideas.

After observing more than 10,000 such users on our Indonis¬†platform, here’s a mind map of the kind of ideas that we discovered.