Lean is one percent thinking and ninety nine percent implementation

Published by Sushil Shirke on

Almost 9/10 organisations are spending millions on training programs to get their people to adopt Lean Thinking as a mindset but in almost all cases that is necessary but not sufficient.

The reality is,

“Lean is one percent thinking and 99 percent implementation”

The fact is superstar training and re-orientation programs are working great within lobbies and training centres but the moment people walk back into their cabins and work stations, the “business-as-usual” kicks in and except the awesome lunch and dessert, everything is forgotten.

The 10-20% of the highly motivated individuals who wish to try out their learnings in the real world are further let down by not having the right Lean tools around.

The net effect is a recurring business for training institutes and trainers all over the world and an organisation that is almost thinking “implementing Lean is like a task from the hell“.

It’s time organisations back their people with the right tools in the hands of the right people at the right place so as to maximise the value generated for their customers as well as themselves.