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Idea Management Software

The fact is, almost every shop floor employee owns a smartphone and he/she is already well verse with using #WhatsApp, #facebook and even #PayTM to get job done for them. 

With #Indonis https://www.indonis.com  we just happened to help them extend their “digital” skills to go beyond personal use and in a way help their own organisation go “digital”.

Today, 9500+ shop floor employees are no longer using paper, email or excel as they have adopted Indonis to help them to

  1. share continuous improvement ideas (kaizens) with photos
  2. view their jobs and report status and hours worked in real time
  3. log support requests and get notified on progress of those requests
  4. track their suggestions, view & download reward certificates etc.
  5. report downtimes, complete 6S Audits at their work stations

In fact their organisations today have no longer need to employee interns to type in data into excel sheets and waste no time preparing those management reports. The morale of these employees is quite high and they have been coming back with hundreds of new and innovative ideas to make their work place even better.

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