How Indonis helps you to capture losses and leverage that data to drive key decisions?

The fundamental objective of #TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and the key milestone on the journey towards #World #Class #Manufacturing (#WCM) of every #shop #floor (and therefore organisation) is achieving a state of #Zero #Defect, Zero Breakdown and Zero Accidents. Just like every journey begins with a small, tiny step, being able to capture data about every possible #loss is more a matter of #discipline than an aspiration for shop floors that wish to adopt WCM principles.

Capturing loss (and being honest about it) requires a heart of steel and a conviction of accountability and transparency.

In practice, the transition from no data capture to “some” data capture is the most painful step, as it is more about mindset change that of the act of inputting data. In the context of the graph above, getting 160 shop floor employees (who never used technology till date at the workplace), we had to begin with those tiny baby steps.

It’s a win-win strategy rather than a disruptive change to their work style, we expect to get rid of the “others” category in about 4-5 months time.

Till now “others” category is for areas where the users are not comfortable to specifically point out the loss area but are willing to help capture the loss time. 

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