Indonis – one tool you need to crowd source 360° innovation

“Rome was not built in a day” and neither are successful businesses…

Your peopleproductsservicesresourcessuppliers and customers make up your business and you definitely need the right tools to keep them connectedintegrated and in sync, no matter how difficult the situations are.

The neural network that connects all of the above key components of your business is nothing but the collection of smart digital tools that you have put in place. The effectiveness and impact of the capabilities of these tools play a big role in helping your business to be agile, efficient, profitable and overall successful.

Indonis is one such SaaS tool that helps organisations to crowd source 360° innovation by connectingintegrating and collaborating ideasfeedbackproblemssolutionssuggestionsissues, continuous improvement initiatives and work items across their employeessuppliers and customers in a seamless and elegant way.

Indonis has been designed ground up to put the last mile, bottom floor employees (even your sales, service engineers, suppliers and customers) at the centre with a clear vision to integrate them into one single, powerful innovation network and encourage them to collaborate and co-create bottom-to-top smart, continuous innovation.

And that’s why, there are 3 distinct, but seamlessly integrated key components that help capture every single piece of information (and knowledge) across the vastness of the organisation and beyond those bricks walls as well, right from where their suppliers and customers are operating.

Be it capture of all different types of losses (NVA, NNVA etc.) right from the shop floor, or be it capture of effort and progress status of a shop floor task against a well defined digital work instruction sheet (or assembly instruction sheet) or even be it the capture of a safety issue (near miss incident), Indonis is available to these end users on any device of any shape and size (smartphones, tablets, kiosks, PC’s or even Android TV’s).

By design, Indonis has been developed to provide minimum UI (user interface) with maximum UX (user experience) and maximum agility in getting the data flowing through to the right stakeholders and that too in the right format for quicker decision making.

What really makes things even cooler is, Indonis brings about 360° connectivity even within inside the organisation, across it bottom and top floors. Not only is the digital workflow for Smart Ideas, Smart Work and Smart Desk highly efficient and adaptable to the needs of the organisation, but also there is also a way for top management to define the top-down strategic vision and objectives and then set the framework for middle management to initiate digital idea campaigns and drive innovation projects as well as monitor and measure progress. The NorthStar metrics provide deep insights and analytics across different pivot points and time period right from annual to quarterly to monthly to week-on-week.

Let me invite you to Try Indonis FREE for 30 days here, for your business (doesn’t matter even if you are a 50 people team or a 5000 people organisation), we would always love to get a feel of how Indonis can help you build a strong innovation driven culture across your teams and organisation. In case you wish to book a 1:1 online demo session, please use this link here.

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