6 ways to engage your team

6 ways to engage employees

I must say, I have been quite lucky so far of having the opportunity to work with teams in quite challenging and at times extremely constraining environments.

Entrepreneurs (read starters) always are admired for the risks they take and magical wands they wave, but behind the scenes there are quite a many heroes, many of who never see the limelight sparkle on them, not because they aren’t capable, but majorly because they have their constraints and they have a role cut out for them.

But having said that, being a leader, I have always been in the lookout for better ways of recognising such awesome team members and honestly, there isn’t any written down formula, as such. And I do believe, there shouldn’t be any, because the day formulas started working on humans, the world would be monotonous and utterly boring.

Reading few articles around and then connecting the dots backwards, here are the 6 ways for engaging your team, which I believe can help a leader like you look inside his own organisation and help build a strong team. I guess the picture is quite self-explanatory.

Make work as absolute fun

Be flexible on work hours

Build as One Team

Release control

Don’t hire managers, hire problem solvers

Make time for celebrations

Recently, we launched our “sustainable innovation at workplaces” platform – INDONIS, for industrial organisations by connecting their last mile employees across shop floor to top floors into the digital DNA of the organisation. The prime objective is to drive employee engagement through explore, evolve and excel mantra for them to share ideas, implement those and drive innovation across the organisation.

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