Improve workplace safety by capturing 6S Audit data and generating actionable insights

Published by Sushil Shirke on

5S is a methodical method to improve your housekeeping around the work places as well as standardise those processes making them more efficient and less stressful for your employees. Though safety is an integral part of each of the original 5S phases, most organisations have now added an additional step – to make it a 6S where there is specific focus on safety issues.

This additional focus can ensure that we do not otherwise overlook potentially hazardous situations which may have escaped our initial look whilst in the grip of the excitement of implementing changes that have made our work place more efficient and easier to operate.

Indonis Smart Tools empowers organisations to not only define multiple 6S Audit templates, but also conduct those audits right at the shop floor using a mobile device or a designated kiosk. This way, the audit data along with the photos and action items is recorded in digital format and posted to the Indonis Cloud in real time.

The management is able to look at the insights and analytics and use that data to drive decisions, take actions and stay committed to the non-negotiable safety culture across their shop floors and the entire work place.

Step 1: Begin a 6S Audit activity by giving it a title and choosing the right 6S Audit Template followed by the work location at which the audit is to be carried out.

Start a 6S Audit

Step 2: Begin filling up the audit checks with the appropriate score for each of the checks. In case if you need to, you can attach one or more photos to the check (to capture the evidence) as well as allocate actionable tasks to the work area co-ordinator or operator.

Score each check

Attach a photo

Create and assign actionable task

Step 3: Complete all the remaining sections of the audit form – 2S, 3S, 4S, 5S and 6S and finally submit the form. All the audit data will be stored into the Indonis Cloud.

Step 4: Based on the scores for all the checks for all the phases, a final score for the entire 6S Audit will be calculated and displayed in the 6S Audit Report.

Step 5: Across the entire organisation and based on all the 6S Audits that are completed, an organisation wide dashboard will help visualise the overall and detailed level insights as shown below.