Does your organisation believe in the power of continuous innovation?

Published by Sushil Shirke on

Introducing incremental improvements to already great products is quite a tough job and difficult to sustain, unless you have a culture and a mindset of continuous improvement (kaizen).

The best companies of the world are the ones that invest into their people, culture and the right tools that not only enable continuous innovation (kaizen) but also capture the mistakes and learnings all along the journey.

Interestingly, it is these valuable learnings that play a pivotal role when its time for these companies to launch disruptive products and retain their market leadership.

For e.g. almost every 4 years, a car manufacturer launches an altogether new car model which requires an altogether new design of its wiring harness which could take anywhere between 6-8 months from design to production. And that is just one small component of the entire car.

The leaders of the industry bank upon their archive of continuous innovation learnings to optimise, build and deliver new products and establish their monopoly.

Does your organisation believe in tapping the tremendous power of continuous innovation?