As a business have you thought of generating profits internally?

Published by Sushil Shirke on

The whole purpose of any business to stay alive, stay relevant and add value to its customers is to make profits.

But then, profits itself are of two types, one that you make out of dealing with your customers and the other one, rather a rare one (and understood by very few) is the way you generate internal profits.

How do you create profit internally?

Not so easy, but not so tough either. All you need to do is build a culture of 360° innovation across your organisation, right from the last mile / bottom floor employee to the top management and then extend it to include your suppliers and even customers as well.

By crowdsourcing a large number of creative ideas that lead to time, cost and resource savings and even improvements to quality, safety, environment, compliance etc. an organisation can unleash internal profits and a reason to celebrate smart ideas and smart people.