3 Rules to retain Top Talent

Published by Sushil Shirke on

Retaining top talent has been rising as one the biggest challenge faced by leaders and managers. Here are 3 simple rules that I believe, need to be practiced to retain top talent.

Rule 1: “The higher the degree of talent gap between the top performer and the non performer in a team, the higher is the degree of disengagement in that team.”

To attract and retain top talent, the bar needs to be set even higher as that’s the culture and environment where top performers perform and thrive. Unfortunately, most managers tend to be “highly democratic” and therefore compromise heavily with their team combinations and that’s where everything starts going wrong.

Rule 2: “Top performers are quite synonymous with passion and self-motivation, therefore any effort to micro-manage them always leads to a negative impact.”

So, to keep them engaged, give them crisp directions and goals and make sure to get-out-of-their-way.

Rule 3: “Top performers are geared for high speed, great perfection & 10x outcomes. Don’t waste their time and skills, putting them on stuff that’s not their worth”

Always think long term and not short term in dealing with top performers.