2 great books on innovation that you must have in your library

Published by Sushil Shirke on

Here are some great books to begin reading and learning more about Kaizen and getting about implementing it successfully across your organisation.

A Commonsense Approach to a Continuous Improvement Strategy

Gemba Kaizen

Gemba Kaizen

The definitive, fully up-to-date guide to continuous improvement in the workplace

The methods presented in Gemba Kaizen, Second Edition reveal that when management focuses on implementing kaizen (incremental, continuous improvement) in the gemba (the worksite) unique opportunities can be discovered for increasing the success and profitability of any organization.

Written by Masaaki Imai, pioneer of modern business operational excellence and founder of the Kaizen Institute, Gemba Kaizen, Second Edition is an in-depth revision of this renowned, best-selling work.

The book reveals how to implement cost-effective, incremental improvements in your most critical business processes.

The Spirit of Kaizen

The Spirit Of Kaizen

Filled with practical tips and ready-to-use tools for managers, innovators, and entrepreneurs, The Spirit of Kaizen is the essential handbook for a changing world.

You’ll learn how to think outside the suggestion box, remove mental blindfolds, manage stress with one-minute exercises, and handle rising health-care costs. You’ll discover the “small step” secrets for dealing with all kinds of people, from tough bosses and listless workers to stubborn clients and fussy customers.
These simple but powerful techniques can be applied to almost any workplace situation, especially when you’re trying to navigate the stormy waters of radical change, high-pressure deadlines, and cutthroat competition. These are the same methods of small, continual improvement that have been tested by the largest companies, such as Boeing, Toyota, and the U.S. Navy—methods that will work for you, too.

No matter how big the obstacle or how big the dream, The Spirit of Kaizen has a small-step solution to help you succeed.