15 great reasons why you need to try out Indonis Smart Ideas

Published by Sushil Shirke on

Here are the 15 great reasons why you need to try out Indonis Smart Ideas as a 360° innovation tool for your teams and across your entire organisation.

  1. Define Strategic Innovation Areas and conduct Idea Campaigns to drive top-down innovation activities. These innovation areas are aligned to the organisations long term goals in leveraging innovation for growth. The idea campaigns are time bound initiatives owned by the middle management to drive digital outreach and engagement of the last mile and front line work force.

  2. Create and drive Idea Challenges to crowdsource creative ideas and solutions and engage employees to comment and vote in a way to help identify the most popular and widely accepted ideas / solutions. Each idea challenge has a start and end date with its own analytics and leaderboard to display the popular and most voted ideas.

  3. Create and manage Suggestion Boxes based on the innovation areas such as department, location, product, service, customer and safety etc. This way ideas can be grouped and worked on by specific teams associated with those suggestion boxes, making it easy and quick to action them.

  4. Create and manage Suggestion Committee / Innovation Expert Groups to allow Suggestion Box specific command and control over the ideas and their review and reward process and activities. Each suggestion box can be assigned a Suggestion Box owner and a Suggestion Committee Head besides the group of committee members.

  5. Manage Suggestion Box specific SLA’s for actions and responsibilities of the committee members as well as set the escalation procedure for Level 1, 2 and 3 in case those SLA’s are not met.

  6. There is a option to choose for each Suggestion Box the appropriate evaluation technique from either the Metric-based evaluation system (MBS) or the Points-based evaluation system (PBS). In metric based method, each idea is evaluated based on the tangible cost (and time) savings and the reward amount is calculated based on the percentage of the total cost savings. In points based method, each committee member is able to submit a review in the form of evaluation points using a score card system that is mapped to customisable evaluation criteria at organisation level.

  7. Ideas can be submitted by any registered user using the Android and iOS native Mobile Apps OR by using the Web App in a browser on any type of device (laptop, PC, tablet, kiosk etc.). All relevant committee members and team members are notified instantly via email and push messages. This helps to keep everyone informed and updated on the progress of each idea.

  8. Each idea can either be classified as C1 (basic) or C2 (advanced) and based on that the idea workflow is activated to ensure it is appropriately managed until it is closed. C2 ideas have the option of being held in “In Review” status for 30 or more days before they are audited and reviewed by the committee for sustenance.

  9. For each suggestion both the initial and final reward certificates are automatically generated and printed over company letter heads to be handed out to the employees during the regular innovation meet events. The cash rewards (metric based system) are consolidated and exported as an excel sheet to be sent to the Accounts department for disbursing the reward amounts along with the salaries.

  10. In case of points based system, all idea points are maintained in the wallet of each user and based on the organisation policy those points can be redeemed against gifts and vouchers at the discretion of the recognition and rewards (R&R) team.

  11. Tasks can be assigned to team members against each idea and tracked through their completion status to ensure detailed level control over the activities involved in implementing each idea. Idea Projects can be created and allocated to different areas of the organisation wherever an idea needs to be implemented as a best practice and deployed horizontally across different regions and departments. Each project will have its own project manager and sponsor and the ability to capture the effort and budget associated with implementation.

  12. Deep insights and analytics such as week-on-week idea growth, tracking of the cost of innovation vs return of innovation, month-wise value generated charts, list of top 30 ideas, various leaderboards, 18+ parameters to compare annual innovation statistics etc. help the top management gain clear visibility over the innovation process.

  13. User level engagement in the form of daily, weekly, monthly active users is also available for determining the impact of the process. Tools such as sharing of News, Articles, Photo albums ensure information can be communicated across the entire organisation through this tool.

  14. Idea Flip feature allows users to browse through all the approved public ideas more like an idea repository. This helps promote awareness as well as works as a trigger point for lateral ideas and helps improve knowledge base of the teams.

  15. Smart Ideas ensures that paper, email and excel are 100% eliminated from the entire ideation and innovation process, thereby providing high level of agility, transparency and accountability across the process. Further employees can submit ideas in their own native languages (e.g. Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati etc.) as well as use the App in regional languages.