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Every day, thousands of users trust INDONIS Smart Ideas to share creative ideas, track progress and collaborate as teams to drive sustainable innovation.

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360° Idea Management Software

Capture and action the best ideas (a.k.a. voice of your employee / customer) into a highly scalable digital innovation network

INDONIS Smart Ideas offers end-to-end digital idea management workflow for any kind of business big or small.

Smart Ideas


Define strategic innovation areas to align your innovation and business excellence initiatives with your business goals and product roadmap.

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Smart Work


Drive Idea Campaigns from top to bottom and engage your entire organization to collaborate and co-create innovative products and services.

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Smart Desk


Crowdsource smart and lean solutions from the entire frontline and last mile workforce to effectively and efficiently address day-to-day complex problems.

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Smart Tools


Implement the best ideas into projects that can be tracked, measured and horizontally deployed to ensure maximum return on innovation.

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Agile Tool for 24x7 Innovation

Start capturing ideas 24x7 across distributed and diverse teams using a quick, agile and seamless way.

Indonis Smart Ideas is available across Android, iOS mobile devices as well as a universal responsive Web App

Perfect for implementing Lean Thinking practices

Drive continuous improvements • Identify and eliminate waste • Improve engagement and productivity

INDONIS Smart Ideas helps Top Management seek answers to 4 critical questions on a single dashboard


Indonis Smart Ideas makes it extremely easy for organizations to leverage collective intellectual wealth of its employees across all levels.

Indonis - Idea & Innovation Management Software

Indonis Smart Ideas offers a world class, end-to-end digital workflow to ensure that every idea, suggestion or a feeback is reviewed, managed, tracked and measured right from the ideation to its implementation stage.


Indonis makes is extremely easy to evaluate ideas using point based idea evaluation matrix and allocate appropriate reward points to the innovators.


5 Key Benefits of using Indonis Smart Ideas

  • Build a robust innovation culture (bottom to top floor, supplier to customer)

  • Discover solutions quicker by crowdsourcing ideas (stimulate creativity and lean thinking)

  • Drive sustainable growth through innovation (bottom and top line value generation)

  • Deliver maximum Return on Innovation (use insights to make better decisions)

  • Develop strong employee engagement (reward and retain your best people)

Indonis Smart Ideas helps 100% eliminate paper, email and excel trails and drive seamless connectivity and communication across your bottom and top floors.

Drive RoI using deep analytic and insights

Track and measure key metrics • Use insights to take informed decisions • Build transparency, accountability and engagement



70+ across various industries


11,400+ across multiple locations


34,500+ across diverse areas

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